Football With Top-20 Strength Of Schedule


Aaron Horvath (@NDSportsBlogger)

I’m going to get right to the point. A college football team’s strength of schedule is what sets them apart from other programs. Whether it is because they are in a tough conference (SEC) or because they choose to go out and schedule the best opponents possible on any given week (Notre Dame), your schedule can make or break your season.

One of my favorite reads on the internet has to be Brian Fremeau, the founder of the site, is a Notre Dame graduate who spends his free time crunching numbers and looking at the importance of different statistics in determining what fans and coaches should look at when giving their opinion on the game (just an FYI, Brian thinks field position is one of the most important stats in football).

Nonetheless, BCFToys does a phenomenal job with showing hard statistics in a graphical setting.

In this post I wanted to show that BCFToys says that Notre Dame football will be playing the 20th toughest schedule this year (using their FEI formula).

Here is a graphical representation of where Notre Dame matches up with its opponents in terms of strength of schedule:

BCFToys Strength Of Schedule Rankings For Notre Dame Opponents:

#3 - Florida State
#4 - Stanford
#12 - USC
#15 - Arizona State
#27 - Louisville
#29 - Michigan
#38 - North Carolina
#45 - Northwestern
#53 - Navy
#60 - Syracuse
#91 - Rice
#104 - Purdue

To see the entire graphical breakdown of every team (and to waste away hours at work) head on over to and follow Brian on twitter at @BCFremeau