Shamrock Series Uniforms Unveiled


Aaron Horvath (@NDSportsBlogger)

It’s that time of year again. No, we are not talking about the beginning of football season, but the announcement of the Shamrock Series uniforms.

With the announcement of the Shamrock Series Uniforms comes excitement from the football student-athletes and some anger from fans.

Personally, the reason why I love the idea of the Shamrock Series is it gives the student-athletes who play for the University the opportunity, once per year, to don a different and edgier look than the normal blue and gold.

As members of the football squad were taking a few moments to take headshots on media day, one locker was filled with the Under Armour Shamrock Series outfit, from shoes to helmet. The crowd of players gathered around the locker to get a closer look at the helmet, socks, pants, uniform and gloves.

Player after player came up to the locker and every once in awhile I would ask what they thought of the Uniform. From running back Cam McDaniel to wide receiver Chris Brown, the resounding answer was that they really loved this year’s look for the 2014 Shamrock Series.

Don’t fret about the Irish not using the traditional blue and gold, they will be in those uniforms for 11 regular season games.

Get excited for the 2014 Shamrock Series contest against Purdue on Sept., 13, 2014, in Indianapolis, Ind.

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