Saying Goodbye

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Aaron Horvath (@NDSportsBlogger)

Saying goodbye is hard to begin with, but saying goodbye after being asked to leave is even harder. If this has happened to you and you weren’t able to exit the situation with class, then you should take a page from former Notre Dame football sideline reporter Alex Flanagan.

Earlier this year, Flanagan was removed from her position as the Notre Dame sideline reporter by NBC and she couldn’t have taken the move in a better fashion. Not only did she quickly come out and talk about the change on twitter, she also released a statement.

"I’m grateful for the time I spent on the sideline in South Bend.  I will truly miss the Notre Dame community.  I’ll still work with NBC Sports on other projects.  I’ll have more news about where I’ll be spending my fall weekends soon."

Her statement showed her class, but reading her piece this past weekend about what she will be doing during the Rice game was unbelievable. The writing, the articulation and the connection that the piece made with me was unreal.

Talking about her conversations with Coach Kelly, Mike Mayock and the NBC crew. Talking about what Notre Dame meant to her. Just talking … I wish the blog post she wrote was ten times longer, but it didn’t have to be. It showed what Notre Dame meant to Alex Flanagan and what it means to millions around the world.


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