Irish Blogger Gathering: Wolverine Week


Aaron Horvath (@NDSportsBlogger)

Each week during the football season, a collection of the self-proclaimed greatest Notre Dame football bloggers get together to answer questions that others posed to one another. In addition to me, a member of ND Nation, Her Loyal Sons, and the Subway Domer himself take part in this glorious exercise.

Before you take a look at my answers below - head over to the other blogs to see how they answered them as well.

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So let’s get going!

What must the Notre Dame defense do on Saturday to prevent Devin Garder from having another career performance against Notre Dame similar to what we’ve seen happen in the past with both Gardner (last year) and Denard Robinson (2010, 2011) before him? (From 

Horvath: I think this question is one that has been asked a few hundred times this week, not only from fans but also from pundits and the Irish football coaches as well. I believe that this will be easier than in years past due to the overhaul of the Irish defense, especially in the linebacking corps. The outside ‘backers at Notre Dame have become much quicker than previous years and Jaylon Smith can run with Gardner sideline to sideline. I’m not saying this game will be easier, I just look for this weekend’s Michigan offense to be less potent against the Notre Dame defense than in past years. Additionally, I expect Coach Van Gorder to bring additional pressure at different parts of the game and mix it with three-man rushes with one to two “spies” in the linebacking corps to keep Gardner in the pocket and not breaking contain.

Regardless to any historical or personal interest in this game, rate the level of importance this Saturday night’s matchup has for this season. What will define this season more, a win or a loss? (From Subway Domer) 
What’s the highest level of importance on the scale? Whatever it is, I’m choosing that one. This game is the single most important game of the season for Notre Dame. With a victory on Saturday, the Irish have a great chance to be 4-0 when Stanford comes to town in early October. Additionally, doesn’t it seem like you always look back on the season and think about what could have been when Michigan wins and how awesome the season was when Notre Dame does.

Given that this is the last scheduled game, how do you feel about the series with Michigan ending, and what priority should ND put on getting them back on the schedule? (From NDNation)

I am sad about the series ending, but have actually come to grips with it within the last few months. The main reason for that is I thought about it and this game always tests my nerves. From being in “The Big House” stands in 2011, to standing on the sideline watching the Irish grind out a victory in 2012 - this game tests you as a fan.

I’m ready for some new blood for at least the next few years - Texas, Virginia Tech, Clemson.

Give me a call in five years, my mood may be changed and I may want the opportunity to tweet out this clip on game week once again.

Everett Golson certainly put on quite a show against Rice. Should we temper optimism because it was just Rice or can we dare to dream of Heisman campaigns? (From Her Loyal Sons)

Channelling my inner Susan Boyle, I say “I dreamed a dream.” Yeah, that doesn’t make a ton of sense, but I do think that this dream can easily me turned into reality with a few more solid performances in September. In recent past, you have to be in the discussion by October (or have a late game against Notre Dame) to give yourself a real opportunity and last time I checked, Golson can’t play against Notre Dame.

Nonetheless, I think before Golson is done here at Notre Dame he will be in New York as a finalist for the Heisman Trophy.

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